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Working Together - Window Patching Case Study

At Pafra Adhesives we provide a range of smart products to a wide range of complex industries and we are proud that our portfolio of products generally covers requests from our customers. However, on occasion a shelf ready product that efficiently satisfies some of our customer’s needs is not the ideal solution for optimum results.

A UK based carton converting group approached us with a query relating to their existing window patch product. The product was failing when the carton was stored in deep freeze whereby the window was falling out of the carton. Due to the customer’s very specific parameters for this application it was concluded that a detailed audit of the process was needed. As a result, board and film samples were obtained and testing of the failed product was evaluated in our laboratory.

It was soon recognised by both our technical and sales teams that this was an industry wide issue with many carton converting customers facing similar problems. Our specialist team set out to develop a solution that enabled windowed cartons to be stored in deep freeze and cold storage conditions whilst retaining the window element. A bespoke product was created to resolve this issue and our team provided recommendations for the application procedure to assist in optimising production processes. Finally, to ensure our customer was entirely satisfied with the product our sales team assisted in delivering line trials in addition to the in-house trialling we had undertaken. Not only did this tick all of customer’s boxes but it received a solid thumbs up when introduced to other carton converting customers as an alternative.

The above is a great example of how the teams at Pafra Adhesives work with customers to create bespoke solutions for their issues, and ensure they are satisfied with the products and solutions provided to them.

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