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Considering Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Recent social distancing regulations have resulted in a surge of premises requiring floor marking tapes and decals. From retailers and offices, to train stations and doctors’ surgeries, there’s no avoiding floor decals reminding the public to socially distance and stay safe.

Thank you for practicing social distance sign stuck to floor

Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) play an important role in the performance of these types of products. When considering your tapes and decals it is imperative that you choose an adhesive that is best suited to your product’s end use. Below are aspects we recommend you take into consideration when deciding on your adhesive:

END USE EXPOSURE – It is important to understand where your product is going to be used to ensure sufficient adhesion. When choosing your adhesive, you should pay consideration to whether it will be used in an area where foot traffic is particularly high, or whether the surface it will be placed on is a difficult material to adhere to. Factors such as these can affect the adhesive’s performance and should be identified early on.

REMOVAL – Is your product intended to be temporary? Pressure sensitive adhesives can allow for removable applications. If you require your tape or decal to be easily removed, you should take care to choose an adhesive that will not leave any residue behind.

Do not sit here sign stuck to bus window

BACKING MATERIALS – Different backing types work best for different application types. When considering factors such as cost-efficiency, durability, and removal you should ensure your adhesive will adhere to the backing you have selected. If your adhesive and your backing are incompatible it will lead to a weakened bond and, ultimately, poor functionality.

Choosing the right pressure sensitive adhesive for your product can be an intricate process, and with so much to consider it is important to be selective. Pafra Adhesives believe in a consultative process and can work with you to guide you through the selection process and develop the correct adhesive to meet your requirements.

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