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Bio-based Adhesives

Millennials are set to become the UK’s biggest group of consumers, and with their push towards a circular economy influencing the purchasing behaviour of the nation the need for greener alternatives is currently greater than ever.

Pafra Adhesives have a commitment to make a real, positive difference to the planet and society, by partnering with companies that are driving environmental issues. As part of this ongoing commitment, we have ensured that we keep abreast of new technologies with the aim of being able to offer our customers green adhesives.

One of the ways we can do this is by offering customers adhesives that contain high levels of clean, sustainably sourced bio-based raw materials. Many synthetic materials are more costly when the source is bio-based rather than oil based, which has restricted the commercial take up of this technology. To overcome this for our customers, our approach is to use polymers that only have partial bio-based content, therefore minimising any cost increases. This in turn makes the technology more accessible, and with increased take up, the costs of this new technology are expected to reduce.

We are keen to work with customers to produce products that are kinder to the planet. If this is on your agenda, please contact us to find out what we can develop for your specific application.

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