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hhs Approved: AquaPAL gets the Green Light from Baumer

We are excited to announce that our new premium adhesive, AquaPAL 4761, has been officially Baumer hhs-approved for use with their jetting systems, specifically their P-500 and PX-1000 guns. Having conducted their own testing, Baumer hhs has added the adhesive to their approved reference list for folding carton gluers, marking a significant milestone for our product.

The Innovation Behind AquaPAL

AquaPAL 4761 is our new specialised adhesive for carton converting, corrugated packaging, and envelope markets. It includes a UV detection additive, ensuring precise application and verification during production, which reduces waste and enhances quality control.

The adhesive offers several benefits, including exceptional clean running, superior bonding, high penetration, and outstanding spotting and lining. These benefits enhance the efficiency and quality of packaging production, resulting in the product being hhs-approved.

baumer hhs approved aquapal 25kg drum

Exceptional Clean Running: Resists drying on nozzle tips, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted application.

Superior Bonding: Strongly bonds with plain and coated paper and boards, making it ideal for various substrates.

High Penetration: Particularly effective on clay-coated surfaces, it helps achieve deeper fiber tear with Kraft liner paper, mitigating clay coat stripping issues.

Outstanding Spotting and Lining: Ensures precise adhesive placement, which is crucial for high-quality packaging production.

baumer hhs approved px1000
Application Excellence

AquaPAL 4761 is engineered for low and high-pressure jetting systems, featuring specialised filtration for small nozzles, including those as tiny as 0.2mm and below.

This precision engineering makes it perfect for the exacting applications required in folding carton production.

Storage & Safety

Every precaution has been taken in the design of hhs-approved AquaPAL 4761 to ensure consumer compliance with regulations and safety.

This adhesive should be used within six months of manufacture to maintain optimal performance, stored between 5-35°C, and protected from freezing.

hhs approved aqualpal technical specs


The inclusion of AquaPAL 4761 on Baumer's approved reference list is a testament to its superior quality and performance. As we continue to innovate and refine our adhesive solutions, we remain committed to providing our clients with products that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and production quality, reassuring our audience of our dedication to excellence.

Discover the difference AquaPAL can make in your packaging processes. For more information, contact our team at Pafra Adhesives and let us help you achieve unparalleled bonding performance.

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