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Bag and Sack Manufacturing Case Study

24th June 2013

We take pride in providing innovative solutions to problems and giving customers the best possible level of service. We know that our expertise can save our customers time and money, and our work with one of the largest UK bag and sack manufacturers is a prime example of how our process can make a difference.

As a key supplier of the largest food francise packaging throughout Europe, the bag and sack manufacturing customer had a great volume of work to produce. The customer approached Pafra as they were having a high level of failures with the heat seal adhesive used on the packaging of an extremely high volume takeaway paper bag.

We quickly identified three raw materials that possessed the right characteristics required for this type of application. After testing them on paper samples supplied by the customer, we could select the right polymer for the customer’s substrates and processes. Our team then created an adhesive from this polymer that had the correct flow characteristics, setting speed and grab speed while ensuring the melt temperature remained in the correct range.

By creating a new product, AquaPAL 9483, we were able to give the customer an impressive zero failure rate. This change has meant the customer can increase their manufacturing rate by approximately 15%.

Following on from this success we won the business and our rapid response coupled with our level of service and expertise have lead to Pafra becoming the customer’s sole supplier. We have since collaborated on a number of projects, looking at new concepts and how we can formulate solutions for the implementation of these concepts from design, through to manufacturing.

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