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Tube Manufacturing Case Study

24th June 2013

Our technical abilities have made Pafra one of the leading adhesives manufacturers in the industry. We have earned our reputation as innovative problem solvers and have an array of pre-formulated adhesives available, and can also create bespoke products to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our production levels mean we can support multi-national brands, as well as smaller operations.

Last year our team met with a multi-national paper converter about an issue they were experiencing. The customer manufactures high quality convolute tubes for the drinks market. The company wanted to reduce the level of tube shrinkage occurring due to water evaporation as the adhesive dried. This meant that caps did not fit well and this was leading to a high rejection rate.

Our technical team carried out an extensive audit and ran trials with the premium product. We identified that their existing product had a low solids content. Excess water was being placed on the paper the tubes are made from, and a high volume of adhesive was being applied in order to achieve the desired level of stiffness.

By offering one of our products that had a higher solids content, the AquaPAL 9560, we were immediately able to reduce shrinking throughout the drying process as there was less water on the paper. We gave the customer a greater level of control and were able to reduce the volume of adhesive required due to the better flow characteristics of our adhesive. The rigidity of the tubes improved as our product dried a lot harder than their previous solution.

Having taken the time to fully assess exactly how the customer’s problem was arising, we recommended one of our existing products, AquaPAL 9560. After introducing our adhesive to their system, the customer was able to increase line speed by over 15%, could reduce their adhesive consumption by 50% and as there was less moisture in the tube, shrinkage was reduced. The cap now fitted better and their rejection rate reduced. The resulting tubes being stiffer, and therefore easier to cut, the customer provided a higher quality finished product.

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