We innovate by looking to new, green technologies that will move our business forward.

Since our inception in 1959 we have consistently been the first to deliver innovative solutions to the market, starting with the introduction of PVA based adhesives to replace animal glues. Since then we have continually developed our products and being aware of adhesive industry concerns, we have continued to adopt the most current sustainable practices and technologies.

As part of this approach we have turned our expertise to the development of sustainable and compostable adhesives. Thanks to our innovative ethos we now offer a water based compostable adhesive that meets the EN13432 standard for industrial composting. We have also developed a suitable crosslinking agent, proven to meet EN13432 requirements. Our current products are suitable for film lamination, flexible packaging and composite paper or film packaging.

Our Compostable Range offers convertors an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional products. With our flexible approach we are the perfect partner to provide bespoke products to the exact requirements of your application.

Key performance of Pafra Adhesives Compostable Products

• Meets EN13432 Industrial Composting Standard

• Food Safe for packaging

• High strength bond performance

• High adhesion profile

• Good machine performance


• Film Lamination

• Composite Paper/Film Packaging

• Flexible Packaging

Pafra Adhesives focus on developing products for specific customer needs and understand the importance of a strong customer relationship to bring this to fruition. The key to building any such relationship is through strong communication and being able to deliver technical excellence in both service and advice.

How can we help?

Our team have been helping customers meet their adhesive requirements since 1959. We are proud to be innovators in our field and would be more than happy to talk through your project to see where we can help.
To speak with a member of our team, please call 01268 290610.

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