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Below you’ll find a catalogue of common questions, ranging from adhesive transport and storage to adhesive performance. If you can’t find the response to your question, do get in touch using the details on our Contact Us page.

Transport and Storage

What is the best way to store PVA adhesives?
Can we use a bulk storage system?
What is the shelf life of our adhesive?
Can your adhesives be modified or diluted?
What should we consider when transporting adhesives?

Adhesive Application

How can I increase line speed?
How can I reduce adhesive-fling from applicator wheels?
How can I prevent jet and nozzle blockages?
How can I prevent dripping nozzles?
How can I prevent spiral show through on labels?
How can I prevent fishtailing before strapping?
Why are the overlapped corners not sticking?
Why is my perfect binding not working?
How can I prevent envelope windows flying off at high speeds?
Why am I getting laminated board curl?
What do I do when my board water content is too high?
What do I do with Front-to-back register problems?
What can I do about slow laminate running speeds?
Why am I getting bag bottom seal failures on folding?
Why am I getting a hot melt cobwebbing issue?
Why are slow melting rates reducing my production rates?
What can I do about carton flaps opening after bonding with hot melt adhesives?
Why are bonds failing at the end of the hot melt line?

Adhesive Performance

What are Microwave Approved Products?
What are Freezer Approved Products?
What are Grease Freeze Board Products?
What is a UV Varnished Paper?
Why am I getting bottle label curl?
How can I bond to PE-coated board?
Why am I getting poor bond quality?
What are peelable/fugitive adhesives?
What are common peelable/fugitive adhesive problems?

General Trouble Shooting

Why does my adhesive look thicker than previously?
Why does my adhesive develop a skin in the tray?
Why am I getting uneven bonding patterns?
Why is my adhesive thickening or skinning?
Why is my adhesive failing when nothing in the process has changed?
Why am I getting excessive bubbles in my hot melt adhesive when it has set?

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