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Shelf Ready Packaging Case Study

24th June 2013

The technical staff at Pafra are known for their ability to create bespoke formulations for clients that are specifically tailored to exact requirements. As we have a vast library of pre-formulated adhesive solutions, we are often able to recommend a product we have already created. This was true of our work with a large UK-based corrugated converter.

The customer manufactures ‘four corner trays’ for the food industry and was looking to improve manufacturing efficiencies and expand their product portfolio. However, they were constrained as the trays were springing open after the compression section at line speeds in excess of 11,000 trays per hour.

After taking a detailed brief, we were able to recommend one of our existing premium carton converting products, AquaPAL® 9693. We chose this adhesive as it consistently performed well, but could also bond a wide range of paper based materials and is resistant to high and low temperature conditions.

AquaPAL® 9693 was a great success for the customer as it enabled them to double line speeds from 11,000 to over 22,000 trays an hour. As a result, they have also been able to broaden their product range to include trays for baking in the oven and products that can be frozen, then baked at home.

To learn more about how our products could improve your performance speeds, please get in touch with a member of our team using the details on the Contact Us page.

Shelf Ready Packaging Case study

24th May 2013

Since our foundation in 1959, we have worked with some of the leading case manufacturers from all over the world. Our responsive and personalised level of customer service, coupled with an in depth understanding of the adhesives market – makes us a valuable partner to some of the country’s biggest manufacturers.

We recently completed a project with a large multi-national paper converting company. They were looking to make a number of improvements to the product line at one of their facilities but were unable to find an adhesive that would run cleanly at their desired speeds.

Our team met with the customer at their facility and took a full, detailed brief that outlined the various specifications. Having just installed new jetting heads and end of line packaging units, the customer was looking for a non-contact jetting application for the four corner trays.

In response to their specific needs, our technical team created a bespoke product, the AquaPAL 9502. This new formulation helped the customer to increase their production output by 50%. As a result of this success, we are now the preferred adhesive manufacturer for this company.