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Carton Converting Case Study

8th June 2013

Our expertise within the carton converting sector means we support a range of industries with their adhesive requirements. A large UK-based carton converting group approached us last year as their new Accuwin in-line window patcher required an adhesive to bond film to board and remain in place through the blast freeze process (-80C) as well as give a fibre tearing bond whilst stored in a freezer (-20C). We had already developed a product with these benefits. Pafra 9400 is the only adhesive formulation for window patching that gives a fibre tearing bond at -20C. Normally cartons are printed, cut, creased, window patched (10,000 cartons per hour) and then put though a carton folder gluer. By using an in-line window patcher on a carton folder gluer you can window patch at 30,000 cartons per hour. The customer required a specialist adhesive with the same performance as Pafra 9400 but for the new application method.

Although window patching is normally carried out using a stencil, the customer’s new system uses a block of 60 jetting nozzles. Jetting on this scale is problematic because if one jet blocks the whole machine will stop and need cleaning. The team at Pafra needed to ensure that the product would not block the jets and created a new formulation to meet these specific requirements. Our specialist understanding of rheology meant that we could ensure the formulation would jet with the right droplet shape with no teardrop or satellite formation. These anomalies can lead to dirty running and machine down time.

The end result of this process was a bespoke product that worked well in the application, having met the requirements set out at the beginning of the project. The customer was impressed by our technical capabilities as a number of multinational brands had not been able to satisfactorily resolve the issue.

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Carton Manufacturing Case Study

28th January 2013

As leaders in this field, we understand that our customers need adhesive products that are fast, clean and cost-effective. By understanding the application process from end to end, our specialist team are able to design, manufacture and recommend products that will increase line speeds and reduce machine downtime.

A Europe-wide carton producer recently purchased a new Bobst Carton Folder Gluer that had the capacity to run at 1000m/min. The company had already established an enviable reputation for having some of the fastest line speeds in the sector. As a business, the senior team were looking to increase their line speeds further.

Our team suggested our fast wheel in pot grade, the AquaPAL 8900, as it would bond the substrates at the speed required and also run clearly. We monitored how the product performed and the client has increased line speed by a further 100m/min.

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